Thursday, 24 March 2016

Why Google Analytics Is So Important

It's a great feeling posting content online. Most platforms that you use incorporate some form of analytics package to track what is happening on your website. At the end of the day, there is no point having a site if you don't know how many people are visiting it. In business this is especially true. What is the point in having a website if it doesn't generate any income or leads for you?
Being able to assess these effectiveness of your website is key. If you are using it as a billboard to attract attention from new clients then knowing how many people are using our finding your site is crucial. While many platforms like WordPress, Wix or Weebly tell you how many people visit your site, gaining a deeper level of information is important to understand your user base.
Google Analytics is a free platform that integrates into your site using a custom and unique tracking code. It is key to have data to assess the effectiveness of any marketing activity, otherwise you can end up throwing good money after bad at a vanity project that does not add value to your business or enterprise. The free package offered by the Google Analytics platform provides you with a channel to collect this data.
It can tell you where your clients are based, using their local IP address as the determining factor. It will tell you what types of devices that are using, including the browser technology. It can even tell you about these demographic footprint of your site's users.
Recently, I've been developing some JavaScript code which adds additional information to links, both internal and external. This allows me to assess the impact of the content of my website. I can assess which content is pricing the largest number of clicks on my end points that generate leads and income. Because I am using Google Analytics, I have quick and easy access to this data in a simple format.

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